WLAN Optimizer Download

WLAN Optimizer is a portable program whose function is to improve the latency of your internet connection. However, he is not facing any connection, but only for those wireless.

When you use a Wi-Fi, its latency can be higher than expected due to a scan performed by standard connections in the genre. Why blame for that, your internet is slower and may hinder their performance in online gaming and VoIP conversations

The latency indicates the amount of time that packets take from a connection traversing the path between a PC and the target server. With WLAN Optimizer, mentioned check is disabled, allowing packets are not delayed and latency increase.

How it works

There are no secrets in WLAN Optimizer does not require installation, it just displays your home screen to run – which is divided into three tabs. In “Status”, no way to choose which connection you want to change the settings and see which tweaks the program has performed.

“Settings” tab is where you can really make any changes, however, keep in mind that the first one should not be turned off by inexperienced users, it may have an effect contrary to expectations.

By default, the best tweak the program is already activated. However, if it is not enough to make any impact on your connection, you can also activate the “Streaming Mode” to try to maximize the expected effect.

The interface of the WLAN Optimizer is organized and lets you know what improvements are easily activated at the time, and the rapid change of these settings. The efficiency of the program is difficult to measure when the connection is not in trouble, but appears only subtly improve it. However, every improvement is important when you are playing online.

WLAN Optimizer Download

WLAN Optimizer Download