NetSurveyor Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7

NetSurveyor is a useful application for those who will configure a create a wireless network. He has tools suitable for measuring signal quality, among other features, for you to extract the best of your wireless connection.

The program is free and able to collect and process information about access points wireless internet, all in real time and almost automatically. The results are displayed in various graphs and organized in different tabs on the program screen.

The best wireless network

When setting up a wireless network, you may have problems with signal interference to their neighbors – and it is precisely to avoid this kind of situation that exists NetSurveyor. It serves as a watchman for your network, showing any kind of configuration error, stating there is still some prejudice arising from poor positioning of antennas and wireless receivers.

Furthermore, you have a clear view on the space coverage of its network, a system for correcting problems that may occur and also get more precise information about the network installation. If you want to find out if someone is improperly using your connection, the NetSurveyor can help.

Access points, and traffic information

One of the specialties is NetSurveyor discover access points. It lists all the points raised by the receiver of the wireless network and displays further information related to traffic each. For this program, one can still view data network identification, MAC address, signal strength and quality and encryption.

Everything is displayed on graphs, and as you may have guessed, a lot of grouped data in one place can get pretty confusing, especially if you are in an office building, for example, where the number of wireless networks usually well large. For this is not a problem, the NetSurveyor allows the choice of access points that should not be displayed in the chart.


If you need to make a long-term monitoring of the wireless network, the best solution is to generate reports. The NetSurveyor has this option natively and simply access the “Logging” on the toolbar to activate the recording of the data in an XML document or LOG. While this occurs, you see a menu of information that relate the amount of scans recorded, the recording time and the total size of the generated file.


NetSurveyor is a complex application is for those who lay in the networking world, which does not get to be a problem, after all, who does not understand this kind of configuration will hardly venture to do it. Anyway, its interface intelligently distributes all information, which makes life easier for those who venture to create a wireless network or even to experts in the field.

Easy to install, the program has the drawback to require a system restart. Its operation, however, is discrete, and the application consumes few resources while working. We emphasize the amount of information offered by NetSurveyor, which allows greater control over the wireless network in which you operate.

Furthermore, it is noteworthy that the NetSurveyor works in real time, automatically updating all verified data. This makes using the program even simpler, because simply follow the evolution of the graphs to check for possible problems with the wireless network.

Finally, the possibility to generate a report in a single file is also a plus point. This function makes it possible to monitor the performance of networks at various different times, facilitating the identification of traffic overload.

NetSurveyor Download

NetSurveyor Download