Online PDF Reader & Viewer

Online PDF Reader & Viewer is an online service for those who want or need to read a PDF document and do not want to waste time downloading and installing software or plugins for this.

The purpose of this application is to provide a mechanism for uncomplicated reading. Thus, it only provides the basic functions of any other program of its kind. Among the features present in this service, you will find the zoom setting to display and buttons to move forward or back one page.

In addition, the Online PDF Reader & Viewer has a capability of displaying thumbnails of pages of documents on the left side of the screen and a field search for words or phrases – which even underlines the results. Thus, the application aims to facilitate the search for specific content.

To load a saved file on your computer, all you need do is press the button with the icon of a folder and an arrow up and through the Windows Explorer window appears, select the document requested.


Online PDF Reader & Viewer proved to be an interesting for those who need to make quick readings with PDF documents. However, do not expect it advanced in more elaborate applications of the genre and also combine features editor such mechanisms  Foxit PDF Reader or  Adobe Reader .

The interface it does not have great visual appeal, but she cherishes for minimalist features (giving greater focus to the rendered content itself) and is well organized, bringing together in a single toolbar all the features offered.

With this, even if you do not master the English or have never used a similar software, should not find it difficult to assimilate the possible actions in Online PDF Reader & Viewer.

Another plus point of this service was the low resource consumption of your computer and browser. During our analysis, he presented a ridiculous requirement of both RAM and processor. Thus, the application can run on machines with more modest settings without causing slowdowns or crashes.

In contrast, the Online PDF Reader & Viewer can not meet all your needs. First for not marking sections or sharing, eg tools. In addition, the service does not have full screen display, which could quite readability.

Leveraging the hook, the space occupied by reproducing documents into PDF tool is very small, being amidst other content that may distract the reader. Ideally, at least, the reader stay on a separate page.

Online PDF Reader & Viewer

Online PDF Reader & Viewer