This PC Tweaker Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1


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This PC Tweaker is an application that allows you to add new folders or remove existing directories available on the menu in the “My Computer” or “Computer” section, depending on the version of the operating system, from Windows Explorer.

This feature to customize the platform with the folders you use most often, their routine in front of the computer can become much more efficient and practical. For example, you can simply click on the Windows file manager icon to bumping into the project folder that is working.

For the look of Windows Explorer simply does not get full of yellow icons files, the PC Tweaker This also allows the figures representing the directories are changed. The program offers a package of icons, but you can use any image to ICO format.

Moreover, the software is also able to apply shortcuts native operating system resources – as Action Center, Network Connections, User Accounts, Administrative Tools, Windows Firewall, among many others.

Facilitated exploration

The operation of PC Tweaker This is extremely simple. To add a folder, then open the application (which requires no installation), you must press the “Add Custom Folder” button. Further, through the Explorer window appears, select the directory to be added and then click “Select Folder”.

Then you can change the name of the directory, which can be done at any time later via the “Change Name” button. If you want to change the icon display the newly added shortcut, use the “Change Icon” function. Finally, the addition of OS resources is accomplished through functionality “Add Location Shell”.

You no longer need a folder added or want to remove some of the shortcuts-standard Windows Explorer? Do not waste time: select the required and press “Remove Selected” button item. To restore the original settings from the file manager, just click “Restore Defaults”.

The video above, produced by the developer of This PC Tweaker, you demonstrate most of these steps and can help you if any questions arise.


One of the highlights of This PC Tweaker is that it supports resource options of the Microsoft platform known as “All Settings” and “All Tasks” – which give direct access to much of the configuration menus of operation system. If these items are not being displayed in the application, you must log out of your account or restart Windows Explorer, according to the developer.


This PC Tweaker is a simple tool for modifying and personalizing shortcuts to folders and system resources in Windows Explorer. Despite its simplicity, the application proved to be functional and efficient, allowing the realization of changes without major complications.

Its interface lacks visual appeal. In fact, the appearance of the software is very similar to the manager’s own operating system files. However, it is well organized, bringing together on a single screen all the features offered, making them quite affordable.

So even if you do not master the English (default language program) or has no experience with this kind of software, the assimilation of its operation should occur in an uncomplicated and speedy manner.

Another plus point of This PC Tweaker is that it requires no local installation, or can be easily carried in any USB stick or external hard drive, for example. In addition, he presented a negligible consumption of both RAM and processor. This means that it can run on machines with more modest hardware configurations without causing slowdowns or crashes.

Finally, the fact provide a mechanism to restore the original settings of Windows also pleased us. Thus, if a problem occurs or you tire of customize Windows Explorer, you’re just a click away for the own PC Tweaker This solves all alone.

This PC Tweaker Download

This PC Tweaker Download

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