outSSIDer WiFi Scanner Download

Wi-fi networks seem haunting s, as they are in front, but a snap vanish without a trace. To combat these disappearances beyond, outSSIDer WiFi Scanner promise to be the hunter Wifi connections. Its function is to scour the connections signs scattered across a spectrum and show which ones are available to connect to your notebook. With a simple principle: walk, stop and wait and success, the application promises to end the failed attempts to connect.

How it works

Once installed, the first time you use it, you will need to perform a small setting, but the program does everything pretty much alone. After that, all you need to do is go to the app to find available networks to hook up with.

If you grimaced at the word go, as imagined walking through the streets with open notebook and praying that the outSSIDer rapidly look for a connection scammed. That is because you don’t have to undergo crazy taken the ground using the computer open, as the program offers a very interesting device: so you have access to a network, beeps start to play, there, just open the PC, find a comfortable place and connect.

While the program seeks an available network sounds beeps with longer intervals from the time the signal gets stronger, the interval of beeps decreases and you can know that you are connected without leaving your computer open. Another advantage is that, according to the developers, it only triggers the sound if the network is found free encryption.

outSSIDer WiFi Scanner

outSSIDer WiFi Scanner Download