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Ccy OTimer is a light and handy application for those who want to monitor the time of connection to the internet and also the amount of data that trafficked across the world wide web and your machine.

Besides presenting a friendly interface and simple, the application allows you to change various settings and also the selection of multiple network interfaces. And if you have dial-up, no problem, because the Ccy OTimer also allows the user to configure the application to capture the traffic data modems and other devices.

Interface and settings

As previously mentioned, Ccy OTimer has a friendly and intuitive interface as well. Nevertheless, one must have a little knowledge in English to use the application without problems.

The application makes use of a system of tabs to keep your options well organized, so that the user does not have trouble finding what you want. There is also a small bar menu, which houses other functionality Ccy OTimer.

How to use

The first step in using the program is to create a kind of profile for each user. To do so, click the “Create / Modify” (Create / Edit). A small window will appear where you must enter the start and end days of monitoring.

It is also on this screen the user can load profiles created through the button “Load” (Load). At the end of all the settings just click “OK” and return to the main window Ccy OTimer.

Now it’s time to choose a network adapter so that the application can collect traffic data. The tab “Settings” (Settings) is responsible for gathering all the settings in this respect, in addition to other options.

A list of adapters is displayed over the end of the screen. You can select as many itenspresentes wish list, because the application is able to monitor more than one suit at a time. After choosing all the elements, click “Apply” (Apply) for the changes to be saved to your profile.

Still on the tab “Settings” you choose whether you want the application to start with the operating system or not ( Run at system startup ). The program notifications can also be changed by simply changing the options grouped into “Alert” (Alerts).

When all settings have been arranged, is the tab “Main” (Main) that the user can follow the movement of the network. In “Current Status” (Current State) can find information such as which network adapters are being monitored and the days and times of beginning and end of the monitoring.

Just below, in “Others” (Other) Ccy OTimer displays the IP address of the machine uptime monitoring and also the amount of data (in MB) downloaded and sent by computer to the world wide web.

Now with Ccy OTimer, you can control how long each user uses the computer and also the amount of data that went in and out of your computer to the internet.


Ccy OTimer an application is very simple, but very powerful. By adjusting some settings the program is able to monitor network traffic, telling the user how long it is connected to the internet and the amount of data that trafficked from the computer to the network and vice versa.

The application interface is very simple and easy to use, however you must have some command of English to be able to use the program without problems. The options are well organized in tabs and a small toolbar.

It’s a great opportunity for you to control the time of internet access from computer users.

Ccy OTimer Download

Ccy OTimer Download

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