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Peerio an instant messenger is designed to be extremely safe, g races its encryption mechanism, while functions as a cloud storage tool.

The messages sent and files are encrypted both before and during shipment and remain so when it reaches its destination.

It is what is called encryption “end to end” (End-to-end, in English), and, according to the team that designed the program, even they have access to the content of anything that is shared in this way.

Security and Space

There is the option to upload files up to 400 MB for the tool server, which stores the cloud. The total space current storage is only 1 GB, but this number will increase as new updates are released, as well as the file size limit.

Once you send something to any of your contacts, a small signal in the chat field indicates whether or not that person has received your message, similar to WhatsApp read receipts.

File burning

If you want to destroy something that has been shared with others, a photo or document, for example, the application not only excludes any trace of it on your computer but also erases all content on Peerio of all persons to whom the file was sent.

So if you shared a text or spreadsheet with friends and do not want them to do new downloads, simply destroy it in your account by clicking on the icon marked in the figure above.

When they try to download it again, everything will get is a blank document, only with the same name it had before. Remember that this can also be used in relation to you, then you must save the file somewhere outside the messenger.

The program is available for Windows and Mac, and can be installed as a plugin in Chrome browser. The developer promises that soon there will be versions for Android and iOS.


Review Of Peerio

Soft colors and simplified icons give an air very clean to Peerio, which features a beautiful layout, similar to the visual standard that Microsoft established with Windows 8. All icons show a popup balloon when the mouse is positioned over them, then it is well easy to discover what each does.

Even though everything in English, anyone who has used other instant messengers like MSN, Facebook Messenger and the like, can use all the options available in a short time.

Installation is simple and fast. Just agree to the terms of use, choose whether or not you want shortcuts on the Desktop and Start Menu and ready. In a few seconds, you can start using it.

Enhanced Security

An interesting feature of the program, and which further reinforces the idea of ​​security it passes, is the fact that you do not need a word like password, but of an entire sentence. The “passphrase” must have at least 30 characters, accepts spaces, letters, numbers and symbols, and if you use the same character again and again, the threshold increases to 45.

It is only important to be very careful when choosing this giant password, because if you forget it, there is no way to retrieve it or replace it. All you have left unless the program will be lost forever.

So you do not enter your passphrase every time that will connect, you can create a PIN, which is a shorter password used to log into sites that you have used. So if you used the Peerio at home, will have a PIN to access that place. If you decide to access the program at a friend’s house or at work, for example, will need to login first with your passphrase and create a new PIN, which may or may not be equal to the first.

Files not so well within reach

Although the program comply with what it promises in relation to store your files in the cloud, access to these files is somewhat complicated, since there is still no mobile versions of it.

This means that whenever you go to access it from a new location, you will need to download and install Peerio again because you can only send messages and files to another user of the application. Since there are already plans for a version for Android and iOS devices, perhaps this problem will go away in the future.

As previously stated, it is possible to “destroy” a file that has been shared or that is in the remote storage. So it is important to have good control of what is stored in your profile ,, not to have all the work to install the Peerio in a new place, trying to get a photo or text, and find that it is no longer there.

Open source

The full version of Peerio can be downloaded for free, and new updates will continue to be released in this way, but the application’s creator says it is studying a paid version of the program, which would provide more storage space for those who have subscribed.

And if you have a good knowledge of programming and encryption, Peerio codes are open source ,, and are available for download. You can make suggestions for improvements and fixes, and the development team is always interested in feedback from users.

If you often change important files with some people and not want to risk that they are intercepted if someone hack your inbox, this application will probably leave it much more quiet.


Peerio Download

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