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Polybrowser is a tool with an innovative proposal: panoramic navigation system. With it, instead of opening new tabs and having to keep clicking on them to switch between sites, just slide to give all side by side. So, instead of wasting time trying to find a specific page, just move ends and check the content.

The browser was created using the Gecko engine, ie the same as Firefox, Pale Moon, among others. Therefore, it is expected a good base for exploration and options that are compatible with different platforms.

Innovation first

The main software idea is different – after all, even the system tabbed already somewhat beaten, is not it? Offering panoramic features, it allows you to compare two different pages, switch between content with practicality and use zoom features to better visualize the data on all the tabs 25, 50, 75 or 100 percent of the original size.

Depending on the amount used, the partitions you opened will align differently, so easy viewing. Thus, for example, you moves between different social networks can do translations faster, can compare national and international pages, uses two web apps simultaneously and what else your imagination tells you.

The browser navigational controls are triggered with the right mouse button. When you press and slide the pointer left / right you change tab. In turn, the zoom control is done by holding the same item and moving up or down. The address bar has a search engine based on the Google server.

Fast Bowler

When you open a new tab, the program displays thumbnails all addresses that were accessed and a quick launcher. With it, you can group your favorite websites and trigger them with a single click – ideal for mounting sets with social networking, news pages, technology, searchers etc.

The system “Save tabs” lets you save your partitions as polymarks. This function creates a bookmark with pages with links to the desired site. Thus, the URLs are hosted on the service and can be reopened with one click.

Creating a free account in the browser, you can still add and edit notes in polymarks and access content on any computer. Zoom can also be adjusted via the icon located in the upper right corner.

Extensions and add-ons

Like Firefox, Polybrowser has Addons to make it more intuitive and practical. Among the options available are Adblock Plus, Video DownloaderHelper, Suite NoScript, Greasemonkey, DownThemAll, Flash Video Downloader – Download YouTube Full HD, eBay Sidebar, Evernote Web Clipper, Pocket, AddThis, ChatZilla, etc. Facebook Share Button

Review Of Polybrowser

Polymarks is an alternative browser for those who are tired of Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. The panoramic transition system is interesting, being better spent in touch screens.

Since the program uses the same engine of Mozilla, its interface is not very innovative. The menus and buttons are almost identical – taking some additional and unique tool. Have polymarks function is useful because it lets you save a sort of notebook with the links that most often accessed and include reminders for easier management.

Speed ​​and navigation

The browser Firefox has the same speed. During our tests, there was no locking problem or breakdown of content due to opening multiple tabs simultaneously. In addition, it has a fast search engine built into the address bar to facilitate research.

As regards the memory, the program consumes slightly less than Mozilla – still far more than Chrome. Other items that need to be considered when using the software is the screen size. The intention is to navigate between multiple pages simultaneously, the larger monitors and touch features are better. However, this does not prevent minors and simple to adapt to the application.

It is still early

Once the tool is still in its first version, it does not have extensions, themes or very compatible accessories. Probably, this will improve in the next versions.

Panoramic navigation system
Consumes less memory than Firefox
System improved zoom
Built-in search engine

Do not Club Chrome memory Question
Interface little innovative
Do not you have themes or extensions


Polybrowser Download

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