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IcoMoon is an online service that brings a lot of characters for you to use in various purposes. The program brings a full editor with a series of buttons and allows you to save any of them on your computer in source format, EPS or PNG. So do not go missing options to decorate your computer.

Similarly, the application can also be very useful for anyone who develops applications, offering some additional models of icons for your projects. No need to create an account to use the program: just access it and start enjoying their options. But if you want to store items and maintain a profile, you can complete your registration here.

Different buttons

Who loves customizations know how to find an icon that you like to represent a folder can be annoying. Similarly, those cases where you can not find the perfect image to illustrate a topic in a text is also frustrating. In such cases, no way, the output is get a program like IcoMoon.

With it you will have access to the various buttons and icons, which can be used both to decorate items from your computer as for employment in programs and web applications, for example. The application is not a package of compressed items for you to add to your source directory, but an online editor.

So just when you open it you will already have access to a number of preloaded figures, divided by the package indicating they belong to.

Downloading items

The use of the program does not have any kind of secret and to download an item, selecting them on the screen and use the “Generate SVG / PNG” button to these formats or “Generate font” to download as an item of this type. The application supports the realization of the batch operation, and so if you want you can use the “Ctrl” key to select more than one icon at a time.

By using one of the above options, it generates a file for you to download and extract for later use. The program also has an icon editor that is opened by selecting the item to be changed and clicking the “Edit” button. After that, a new window opens and you have several functions in it.

You can change the grid size, rotate, flip, mirror, change the scale, modify tags and name, and more. Through available on the top screen menu you can access the library service to include more icon packs the content provided by the program.

Review Of IcoMoon

IcoMoon is an interesting online service for when you want or need a different button or icon which does not have access to anything like that right now. The service interface is noteworthy since it is well-organized (with the correctly identified functions) and simple to use, allowing even beginners do not have major difficulties to operate the application.

Soon to open the program you already view some images loaded on the screen and, beyond them, the service also allows complement the map of characters more source packages present in your library. You do not need to create an account to find items and even to make changes to them.

However, if you want to save preferences and store settings, you can create your account to keep such data. The program does not provide a ready icon pack for you to directly download and decompress, but the opportunity to choose only the buttons you like and create your own collection.

Since it has some packages items, it brings several images with dimensions and with widely varying formats. Additionally, the style of the buttons is very modern, ensuring that they can be used without clash with the rest of the application or out of context in case you use them as icons on the computer.

The use of the editor is also very simple, requiring normally choose the options you want. So, if you are in search of different icons or buttons, it is worth visiting the IcoMoon.


Download IcoMoon For Windows PC

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