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Omega Commander is a file manager alternative to Windows Explorer. With it, you can enjoy the same Microsoft application options, ie, copy, move and delete the content with practicality.

However, the differential are extra and unusual features such as built-in editor, enhanced viewer, secure deletion method functions to add / dismember documents, options to monitor the empty space of the system etc.

The tool includes new functions that, by default, are not available on Windows. It also automates the archiving functions and features enhanced search engine. With this, you can find the desired documents in seconds.

Enhanced Manager

Once you start the program, it will display a tutorial for you to configure. First, it asks if you want to change the language , change the highlight color and interface.

In the next step, you can modify the list system, the background scheme and line spacing. If you want, you can change the ribbons scheme and the way the panels are presented. Note that the software divides the options into two screens side by side.

Now, you can browse content and access options in a few clicks. The information can be viewed in detail through lists or thumbnails. At the bottom, the application has some extra functions that can be accessed by clicking or using the shortcut keys.

Pinch, separate and unite

If Windows you usually need a program to separate, compress and join files with the Omega Commander you do it all in one place. The software also features with detailed video tutorials so you reach the end of tasks with ease.

If you want, you can create separate bookmarks, so order quickly access your favorite directories. Thus, no need to waste time browsing through the various folders to find the desired content. In turn, the flaps enables rapid switching between the different locations.

Smart Ribbons

“List”, you access various types of filters that can be used to find the item by name, extension or modification date. In “System”, are grouped shortcuts to access the Windows Control Panel, Administrative Tools, and the Registry Editor, Calculator, network settings etc.

You can compare files, enabling discover newer versions and delete repeated data. With this, your machine is cleaner and faster. If you want, also you can also see the size of all folders connected to the network or virtual drive.

Browsing the web

Besides all the file management options, the program also provides shortcuts to some internet options. In the ribbon “Web”, are available options to access the online antivirus, make a connection speed test, cloud hosting services, access to video-sharing sites (YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Hulu etc.), social networks, Wikipedia , search engines etc.

Whatever the chosen web option, the content will be displayed in your default browser. Thus, just one click to access options and browse your favorite websites and services.


Review Of oMega Commander

Omega Commander is an interesting tool to perform content management in Windows. Counting with several different options, it performs more effective searches, separates content intuitively and has extra features for working with data archiving.

In addition, it can replace at least two more software that typically need to be installed on Windows: a separator / collator files and a compressor.

Familiar visual and easy to understand

The Omega Commander interface is based on ribbons system of the latest Office. Therefore it is not difficult to navigate between the options and find what is needed. Using two panels, the tool streamlines the method with which you organize and manage content.

The most interesting are the shortcuts that let you copy, view, edit and move data with a single command. In addition to these, you can also access other through the buttons that are located at the bottom of the screen.

Although the application may seem strange at first – as it has many different tasks – he does everything so you can learn to use it and get used to the functions. Proof of this are the video tutorials and step-by-steps that help in the tasks. In turn, the access options to social networks and video servers are an extra detail very cool.

Anyway, if you want a more modern alternative to the Windows Explorer, take a chance to Omega Commander. However, a little patience it takes to get used to the functions and discover all the options available.


Search engine enhanced
Replace at least two programs
Familiar look
It has video tutorials
Option to access social networks and video servers


Generates a little strange at first


Download oMega Commander

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