PSafe Launched Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8


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The PSafe launched a new version of PSafe Antivirus, now in partnership with BitDefender. The virus remains 100% free and protecting your computer completely, but increased its power of detection and removal of threats. And all this without complicated menus and complications.

The PSafe Antivirus continues to fast performance and is very light, using cloud technology, the most modern there. Protection is complete with the detection and removal of spyware, malware, viruses, rootkits, worms, trojans and other digital pests.

The installation file PSafe Antivirus is lightweight and does not take up much space on the computer, avoiding the so-called “wagon effect” caused by traditional antivirus. This is possible because the PSafe Antivirus uses remote servers (in the cloud computing system) to ensure the security of your PC.

Once installed on the PC, the PSafe Antivirus is the first scan and detect all existing threats. Shortly thereafter, the synchronization is done with the base of BitDefender virus, increasing the power of computer protection.

After that, no need to do anything else! The PSafe Antivirus uses Active Resident Shield, which provides detection and removal of threats automatically. The upgrade is automatic and also consumes very little of your internet. Thus, the user can continue using your computer without restrictions!

At installation time, the PSafe Antivirus offers the option to also install the indicator secure links PSafe Safe Search and search PSafe Antivirus Desktop. The option can be cleared, but the indicator secure links offers even more protection, as it features which are malicious websites before you access them.

The PSafe Antivirus protection is complete, keeping the PC away from any virtual threat. The program also acts directly against the bankers trojans, malware that steal banking data and against tracking cookies, text files installed on your PC that can be used by the hacker to gain access to personal data of Internet users.

Another advantage is the option to schedule a check on days and times that you want. The PSafe Antivirus offers this option, and if the computer is off at the scheduled time, the program will make a scheduled scan once the PC is turned on.

The historical removed threats, released and deleted files can also be accessed through the History item. If an infected file is sent to quarantine, you can remove it in order to re-use it normally.

The PSafe Antivirus provides proactive protection by detecting threats before they reach your computer. So you can rest easy while surfing the web, send emails, pay bills, do online shopping, social sharing, etc. networks. The program also checks pen drives and removable media.

The basis of virus Antivirus PSafe already over 5 TB (5 billion megabytes). There are over 700 million cataloged virus, 40 million amaças analyzed every day, three million infections removed daily and ability to make up to a billion queries per day. All this is done through the hundreds of PSafe the servers that make the necessary checks and avoid the consumption of computer resources.

The new interface of the antivirus Antivirus PSafe also remains very simple and easy to use. Options are available at the top of the program window and the splash screen is the check.

In the program you can also access the online FAQ. Just click the Help icon and the user is automatically redirected to the site / Help, in which you can remedy your questions. If you still have questions or do not find the answer you need, you can submit a question to support.
PSafe Launched Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

PSafe Launched Download

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