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UnThreat Antivirus Download is able to rid your computer of both existing threats and already installed as those that may arise daily. It also has anti-rootkit and malicious emails cleaning tool. Soon, all your emails – this includes sent and received – are searched so that you can not receive or transmit virus for file attachments or suspicious addresses.

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The antivirus protection is enhanced UnThreat to scour, immediately detect and remove viruses, Trojans, worms and other malware that can be installed via email attachments, downloads, mobile storage devices and many other sources.

Have the anti-spyware component detects software capable of stealing personal information. It prevents the installation of these codes to prevent others from gaining access to usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, details of a bank account etc..

The active protection UnThreat monitors all processes and files, alerting you to suspicious activity. It is a way to prevent malware is identified only after it is installed, when it is usually too late.

Constant updates are mandatory for any self-respecting antivirus, so UnThreat will regularly download the latest virus definitions and other malware as soon as discovered. The update can also be started manually.

Without departing from the standard, but with your brand
The visual pattern UnThreat AntiVirus Free Edition is no exception to that used by most of the programs category. To the left you will find very visible icons to access the main tools, which are detailed in the greater portion of the screen to the right.

“Overview” is generally given what you do, checking the versions of the program and definitions. You also confirms that the automatic update features and real-time protection is enabled and access the latest news on the software.

“Scan” is the area for you to scour your computer, which can be done quickly (only in the most important areas and therefore faster), complete (on any computer, just slower), custom ( where you prefer) and scheduled (when you want).

Every scan is logged in with a historical type, start time and end time and the number of localized threats. Each entry can be observed in detail and off when you want, as well as the history can also be cleared at any time.

Similar record is made of the threats identified not by a scan, but the active protection. Here you will find the name of the threat, the action taken by UnThreat and time of detection. All moved to quarantine threats can be managed with the “Quarantine Manager”, that lists all the names, category, level of risk, date and age in days.

Everything in UnThreat AntiVirus Free is configured in the options, since the appearance of the notifications to the behavior of active protection in respect of allowed and blocked items. The scan can also be adjusted, as well as quarantine and protection for email updates.

For a wide selection of computers
The UnThreat is compatible with all Windows from version 2000 SP4 Rollup 1. It requires only 512 MB of RAM and 100 MB free disk space, then, is a software to watch a large number of configurations.


UnThreat Free Antivirus 2012 is very visually pleasing. The interface is very well done, with nice tones and finished easily visible buttons and functions. Any user finds what he needs without conceding to interpret the icons and menus.

The virus also showed mild, not using more than 30% of the processor and 65 MB of memory in our tests during a full scan. The delay of the scan was slightly above average than is common in the genre programs.

As for efficiency, it is not an exact science. A virus may be better for some users, but bad for others. What can be said is that the UnThreat Free Antivirus 2012, despite not having the strong name as other free options – see AVG , Avast , Comodo , Avira and Microsoft Security Essentials – can not be considered weak. Anyway it is an interesting option for you to try and meet.


UnThreat Antivirus Download

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