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Meanwhile there is suitable countless novels and also some more or less successful video games, most of which only loosely on the original pen & paper were based. To finally spendieren Shadowrun deserved digital conversion, 2012, a highly successful Kick starter campaign was launched.

The result of the Harebrained Schemes (Strike Fleet Omega) developed Shadowrun Returns, which recently is to have available for Android tablets in addition to Mac, PC and iOS. The cool thing: This version is the same content and is optimized for touch control on tablets.
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Gameplay of the old school

Despite futuristic setting Shadowrun Returns is a tactical role-playing game, the classic look. Run from turn-based battles, keeping you up the action points (AP) must keep an eye on your characters. Initially you start with 2 AP, but this can be increased by unlockable abilities and upgrades.

Actions such as moving, shooting, reloading, magic act or use an item, take this AP during fights. The environment, however, you can explore in real time, you simply tap your finger on the point to which the character is moving and has been running this off.
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Shadowrun takes an important role in the complex and returns a really exciting story that can best be described as futuristic crime thriller well. We Driven by the excellent story, but unfortunately available only in English language dialogue, in which you can intervene by means of various response options also himself.
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Shadowrun Returns is the best proof that there is on Android now really serious, complex and above all long lasting games. The campaign will keep you busy for at least twelve hours, additional content will also be soon restocked. If you have fun, level up your character in the best role-playing style and equipped with better equipment and powerful skills, Shadowrun Return is just the thing for you. But beware: The app is not able to run on smartphones, but only on newer tablets with Android version 4.x and 1 gigabyte of memory.

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