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ShareMouse is an extremely useful tool for those who have more than one computer on the table. The application practically melts your devices into one, making them act as if they were just a PC with multiple monitors attached to it. That way, you can use the mouse and keyboard of any one of them to control others.

Besides allowing the synchronization of peripherals between computers with Windows and Mac OSX, the app also allows sharing the clipboard. That is, if you do a Ctrl + C on something on a computer and then do a Ctrl + V on another computer, the files will be transferred or texts normally.

Also noteworthy how the screen transition happens. When you reach the limit of the current monitor and the mouse jumps to the side screen, the last screen is slightly darkened and a trail shows where your mouse is. Thus, you should not get lost so easily.

ShareMouse is a tool that allows you to share a single set of keyboard and mouse on multiple computers at the same time. That is, you can use the peripherals of a computer in any other connected to the same network without reconnecting wires and stuff.

The sharing system mouse and keyboard functions from ShareMouse installation on every computer you want to control with your peripherals major. This way you can have a desktop PC, an ultrabook and a MacBook on your desk and use the three as if they were one. After the installation is completed in more than one computer, ShareMouse automatically identifies the devices that can be synchronized.

Arranging your desk
As ShareMouse can’t know by which area of the table all of your computer systems is, you have to simply tell him that to be able to enhance your knowledge about the application. Thus, when the application is a component of all products you need to use, visit configurations and click on ShareMouse “Monitor Manager”. This way, you are able to alter the position of every screen to ensure that this program always send your mouse right screen.

If you intend to use the ShareMouse in networks where more than one person is using the app, you can set a common password for your appliances and do not end up mixing your mouse with the other users. In the home version and the free ShareMouse, however, this function is only demonstrative, being necessary to purchase the business version to use the app definitely.

When you install ShareMouse on the second computer, a message should appear in the System Tray first. That way, you can access the Monitor Manager and determine what part of your table each screen will be positioned. Each of them will be identified by a letter, and you will not need to do any configuration to use this program.

ShareMouse Download

ShareMouse Download

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