How to Show Hidden Files and Folders Windows in 10


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In this post, we show you the different ways to show hidden files and folders in windows 10, as well as few tricks to see even more.

Hiding our files is sometimes quite useful. Windows 10, like its previous versions, has the possibility of creating these types of files so that they remain out of the sight of other people. Sure, as long as they don’t know how to see them. In case you still did not know how to see hidden files Windows 10 we teach you in this tutorial. In addition, we will also show how a hidden folder is created and what files are not shown yet with the hidden files view enabled.

Show Hidden files Windows 10 Files from the Browser

This is the simplest and most direct way to view hidden Windows 10 files. Now We will have to do the following:

  • We open any folder, or we go to the Start menu and open the file explorer.
  • Expanded the size of the window in case we did not see the complete options above.
  • We go to the “view” tab
  • In the “show or hide” section we have an option with a box that says “Hidden elements”.
  • We activate that box. We can now see the hidden files that are on the computer.

If we now go to a folder that contains hidden files or directories, these will be shown to us with a shading style.

Turn on hidden file view from the control panel

We can also activate this option from the control panel if we consider it appropriate.

  • We go to Start and write “Control Panel” and access it.
  • If we have the category view, click on “Appearance and personalization”
  • Then we look for the option to “show all hidden files and folders”
  • If we have the icon view activated, we directly search for “Windows Explorer Options”
  • In any of the cases, a window will open in which we will have to go to the “View” tab
  • We look for the category “Hidden files and folders”
  • We activate the option of “Show hidden files, folders and drives”

show other hidden system files windows 10

A simple trick that we can do to see all the files that are on the computer is through the WinRAR file explorer.

If we have this application installed we can see all the hidden files that are on our computer from your file browser. Also, you can visit our article on why to install WinRAR in Windows 10 to know the benefits that you will have with this application.

Once installed we go to the start menu and write “WinRAR” or look for it in the applications menu. The central screen of this program will be a normal and ordinary browser like Windows.

As you can see for the same folder some files are shown in WinRAR that we do not see through Windows 10 explorer.

Create a hidden folder

To create a hidden folder we will have to do the following:

  • We create a folder in the traditional way. (right button -> new -> folder)
  • Then we enter the properties of the folder by right-clicking on it
  • We activate the “Hidden” optionOur folder will be hidden.

To hide a folder and that all the content inside is also hidden we will go to the same place as before.

Select “Hidden” again and click “OK”. Now we will open a sale asking us if we want to apply the changes to the contents of the folder as well. In this way, all the files it contains will remain with the hidden property.

Hiding files is useful when we want something private not to be shown with the naked eye. For any suggestion or possibility that we have left behind, leave it in the comments.

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