Top 9 Must Have Android Apps Of 2013


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As many of us like to have the best of the best in our Android devices, we might have downloaded several apps (some useful, some not) thinking this application is more useful. Here we expose some free apps that I think, I find very useful and any user should have in their android smart phones.

1 – Clean Master

clean master

Clean Master is a cleaning application on Android AIO for cleaning the application cache, unused files, residual files, search history and uninstalling applications. With this app the user can also kill running tasks and releases more RAM to increase performance of your phone and save battery without granting root permissions.

[Clear History] Clear History will help you clear caches and residual files easily with a single click. On Android devices, the cache and generally accumulate residual files or even hundreds of Megas Gigas. Now Clean Master offers excellent cache cleaner and residual files to facilitate the use of your phone.

[Privacy] Privacy is important to all Android users. Once it is been used, a smartphone knows personal information, including SMS / MMS, web browser data, Google search history, etc … The cleaning module History Clean Master can perform the removal of the message and you can also delete browser data, clipboard and histories of many other applications as WeChat, WhatsApp, Spotify, Pinterest, Line, etc. …

[Tasks Eliminator ] The tasks that run in the background not only occupy RAM in the system, but also spent battery. Tasks Eliminator can kill and release applications more RAM to speed up your Android device. It also provides an excellent shortcut (1Tap Boost) so that work can not be easier. No Root permission is required, but if you are granted by the Task Remover, that will work better.

[Application Manager] The Manager application is a wizard to uninstall and backup. Clean Master offers you the opportunity to easily uninstall applications with one click. You can also make a backup of the apk files on the SD card and then reinstall using the App Manager apk installer.


2 – Google Play Music

Google Play Music

In this application we can say little, and that by itself says it all. But just in case here are some of its features:

Allows raising our own music to a limit of 20,000 songs Up to 250 MB per song or what is the same, is capable of storing music upto 4882.8 GB
You can synchronize your music in the cloud
It has an attractive and simple widget that is the best I’ve tried so far
Allows instant mixes
You can create as many playlists as you like
Now you can go up or down by sliding your finger track


3 – MX Player

mx player

This application is a video player that supports many formats and has many features:
DECODE BY HARDWARE – With the new decoder for h / w, more videos can benefit from hardware acceleration.
Multicore DECODING – MX The Player is the first Android video player that performs multi-core decoding. According to the results in dual-core devices, displays up to 70% improvement in performance over the devices of a single core.
PINCH ZOOM – Increases or decreases the zoom by pinching with your fingers easily along the screen.
SUBTITLE SCROLL – The offset of the subtitle text and playback position will be adjusted automatically to match the subtitle time before or after.
PARENTAL CONTROL – Keep your kids entertained without having to worry about making calls or using other applications. (Supplement required)
ANDROID 4.1 – Full support for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.


4 – 1Weather


This weather app is to report on the weather in the city you want.
Real-time weather and forecasts for virtually any location in the world (now + 48 hours)
7 days and the extended forecast information precipitation
Follow my location – Updated time when you are moving
LIVE Radar lively and extreme weather warnings (U.S. and Canada only) Layers
The air quality and UV letters
Nearby weather related tweets and photos
Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonset and Lunar stage
Save multiple locations to access quickly and easily
Gorgeous widget you can add to your home screen
Share weather information with friends and family via email, text, Twitter, Facebook, etc
Customize with multiple background meteorological topic


5 – MEGA Flashlight

mega flashlight
This application has several purposes:
You can use the screen or flash your phone as a flashlight
You can send messages in Morse code lights. Just type the word and the software does the rest
You can make your phone screen do a strobe function at different speeds
You can use the screen as police lights
You can use the screen as emergency lights.


6 – KeepSafe


Selected images disappear from your gallery and remain locked with a PIN easy to use. With KeepSafe, only you can see the hidden images. Privacy is simple! ☞ KeepSafe makes it easy to control access to images and videos. It’s that simple ☜ Show only what you want to see. Hide pictures and videos with Android KeepSafe gives you control over who sees what. The public gallery is available to friends, family and colleagues. Take control of your privacy!

KeepSafe hidden images without boundaries in a secret gallery have free professional functions. It is also the best app to hide video out there.
Hide pictures and video
Access easy-to-use PIN
Return to display images and videos from KeepSafe at will
Add images from Facebook to KeepSafe
Share images from KeepSafe
Safe shopping: show pictures to friends during a limited time.
Features rotation and zoom
Multiple Selection option to hide, show and share back quickly
Full screen view
Free slide feature
Disappears from recent apps list


7 – AVG AntiVirus

AVG antivirus
With AVG security product for Android provide simple and effective protection against malware and viruses, as well as analysis features real-time applications, phone locator, task killer, application blocking and deletion of data from the local device.
Discuss applications, settings, files, and media in real time
Active search or location of your lost or stolen phone via Google Maps ™
Lock or delete your device to protect your privacy
Complete the tasks that slow your mobile device
Surf the web safely
Check the battery, storage and use of mobile data package
Defend the device malware, viruses, malware and spyware
Identifies unsecure device settings and recommends how to fix
Helps protect contacts, bookmarks and text messages
Checks media files for the presence of malicious software and security threats
Protects against phishing attacks
It can be programmed to run analyzes daily, weekly or on request
Locate your lost or stolen phone and get help to find it using Google Maps ™
Lock your device remotely
Make your device ring even if the phone is in silent mode
Search, purchase and use social networks with ease. If it detects a suspicious URL will be redirected to a “secure page”
Receive notifications when the battery level is lower than that indicated
Optimize the internal storage and SD cards
Transfer applications or games from the SD card and internal storage
Traffic Control: Maintain a record of usage of 3G data plan / 4G
Complete the tasks that slow down or block your device
Delete the contents completely and restore the factory settings of the mobile device
Manually select the information you wish to delete using the advanced


8 – Sherpa

Sherpa is the personal assistant number one for your phone and your tablet.
Question about whatever you want, music, flights, sending messages, using social networks.
learns from your taste, know when and where you are, and … incredibly, It anticipates your needs!
With Sherpa virtual assistant inside your smartphone have a lot of Sherpas to specialists easier every task you can think of and even advance what you need.
speak to them, question without fear, ask things!
Here some things you can do:
WHO IS OBAMA: We answer your questions.
PUT A SONG OF U2: I put music without downloading it.
I’M HUNGRY!: You found near restaurants, pharmacies …
WHAT HAS THE BARCA: See how it goes the party and more …
WHAT TIME AGO IN BOSTON: Ask us what the weather will do anywhere.
CALL TO MY FATHER: We handle your phone and remember your kin.
Put a MORNING QUOTE: manage your calendar, appointments …
I AM PLEASED ISSUES ON FACEBOOK: Facebook, Twitter, all your social networks.
MAKE A PAYPAL TRANSFER OF € 5: We do transfers via PayPal.
I WANT TO FLY TO MADRID: We help you to find flights.
ARE MUCH BBVA ACTIONS: We show all information about Exchange.
And much more …


9 – GO Launcher EX

go laucher EX
Go Launcher EX is an application that allows you to change the appearance of our Android phone (icons, windows, screens, etc..). Go Launcher EX is our recommendation for its simplicity, power and fluidity.
Many options to customize behavior and aesthetics. It supports gesture control.
Very nice visual aesthetic, with different themes you can download and customize.
Quality widgets that integrate seamlessly: Go Weather (weather and clock), G0 Power Master (battery saving), Go Locker (lock screen)


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