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Ultimate IP Changer is a real in handy for those who use the same machine in many different places and therefore need to edit the network settings frequently. With it, you can change all the parameters used to secure access to a network with just one click.

The application configuration is very simple. You just need to be careful to put the information correctly so that the connection can be made without major complications. The cool thing is that the Ultimate IP Changer lets you create multiple subprofiles within the major categories. This makes it much easier to organize information networks that you access.

Cautions when installing
During the installation process the Ultimate IP Changer is necessary to pay attention to some details so that your browser settings are not modified without proper authorization.

The Ultimate IP Changer installing the toolbar offers a service called Babylon in your browser, and modify the home page and search engine. To prevent this from happening, deselect the options present in the second screen that appears in the installation wizard.

The profiles
When first run, the Ultimate IP Changer automatically detects network devices in the computer and their current settings, creating profiles with this information. This allows you to return to the original settings of the network quickly if something does not come out as expected in the first modifications.

A list with all the profiles of the application can be seen in the settings screen, in the left column. Further to the right is where the network information is entered or edited. Data for IP, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS addresses can be modified freely and very fast.

To access the configuration screen of the application just click with the right mouse button on the icon on the system tray and choose “Profiles”. The exchange between the profiles is done via a simple interface, in which you use a small menu to access the desired setting and apply the settings.

Remember to always keep a profile with the initial settings of the network so that you can use if a parameter does not work as expected and the network connection is lost.


Configuring IP, mask, DNS, etc.. is a service that takes a long time, especially for people with a little practice in this area. So the Ultimate IP Changer greatly facilitates everyday who are always accessing the internet through different networks.

The application interface is very intuitive, with the main features easily accessible. This makes use of the simplest program, although it has no translation into Portuguese.

The program takes up little disk space and does not interfere with other computer activities. Moreover, the modifications are applied immediately, without the need to restart the connection or the computer.

Even with all the facilities and advantages, Ultimate IP Changer is designed for people who have a good understanding of networks and their configurations, as any incorrect modification can cause you to lose your connection to the network and, consequently, to the internet.

Ultimate IP Changer

Ultimate IP Changer Download

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