WiFi Profile Manager 8 Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

WiFi Profile Manager 8 is a program for Windows 8 that aims to help you to manage wireless networks more easily. With it, you can see all Wi-Fi connections stored by the computer and organize the list as desired, and allow delete items from the list and select one of them as a favorite.

While the application runs fine on Windows 7, most of his functions only appear as active in Windows 8, for which it was developed.

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There is nothing more annoying than a huge list of Wi-Fi networks and you use no more than one or two of the links contained therein. Soon to open application, he detects the available connections and assembles a list on the screen. Here, you can see the information of the connection name, type, mode (automatic or manual) and the type of security used.

Also, if you click on any item in the list and open its properties, also has access to the visibility data, the algorithm used to encrypt and password for access (when it is stored in the network properties). Additionally, through the context menu, you can also perform some operations.

Open the properties screen, you can also make a connection as standard, rearrange the list items (by moving them up or down), remove an entry, export the XML file (which can be useful for who will configure the network on a new computer) and import the XML.

WiFi Profile Manager 8 is an excellent alternative for those who do not like lists of connections messy. The great advantage is to provide a simpler way to access the settings of wireless networks, especially for those who do not have much experience with how to find it in Windows.

Additionally, you have the possibility to export the XML, which can greatly facilitate your work when configuring a network when changing computer. The program interface is very well organized and clean, showing only the list of connections, in addition to the functions of the application are available via the context menu.

If you looking for a good manager for your connections like Wi-Fi, certainly worth trying the WiFi Profile Manager 8.

WiFi Profile Manager 8 Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

WiFi Profile Manager 8 Download