Win Driver Backup Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8


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Win Driver Backup is an application for Windows specializing in creating backup copies of the drivers installed on a computer. In moments, you select and backs up all absolutely necessary for the video card, hard drive, printers and all other hardware work seamlessly files.

The program has intelligent solutions to scan the system for all of them or only the most important. After that, just a few clicks for everyone to be copied to a unique folder.

This makes it easier for you to record everything on a disc, save to another partition or even send it to a flash drive or an online storage service. Where will you keep it safe no matter, because the fact is that the Win Driver Backup greatly facilitates the lives of those who want to create backups of your drivers.

Its safe drivers
By accessing the Win Driver Backup, you need to go to the “Driver Scan” option at the top of the screen to set whether only those most important drivers (option “Scan recommended drivers”) or all installed on the machine (option ” Driver Scan all “). After that, you can select those that will be copied and then do it with all of them.

This can be done via the buttons in the Win Driver Backup Home screen or by means of the “Backup” tab, which offers different options and even wider for that. You can even use keyboard shortcuts to do this, a characteristic that makes it more practical to use this tool.

More backups
In addition to the drivers, some items may have backups made by this application. In the “Plugin” tab you can find the options to make backups of navigation cookies, the Internet Explorer favorites and also from the Windows registry.

During the installation of Win Backup Driver, two extra applications are offered to you. If you do not want to include them in your machine, so stay tuned and uncheck.


Win Driver Backup is one of those applications that you do not always need it, but when you need to make a big difference. It features a beautiful, simple and well organized interface, something essential for programs that, in theory, stir often far removed from the everyday life of most PC users.

Its main highlight is the ease with which offers its resources, thus ensuring that you have at hand an efficient program and does not complicate. Create backups of the main drivers or all of them passes away to be a complicated task here, because all the functions are almost automatic.

In fact, it is unnecessary to select everything manually, unless you want to back up specific things well. Apart from that, two or three clicks are enough to copy everything to another location, leaving in its discretion send them to the web, to a flash drive or another disk partition.

Finally, still deserves a chance to back up the Windows registry (the function that does the same with cookies and IE bookmarks are expendable, admit), another important for the proper functioning of your machine industry. The negative part is due to the absence of a translation into Portuguese, something that would further facilitate the use of Win Driver Backup, but that does not diminish in any way the application.

Win Driver Backup

Win Driver Backup Download

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