JBM USB Virus Cleaner Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7


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JBM USB Virus Cleaner is an application that serves to analyze USB storage devices for possible malware. Thus, it is possible to avoid this on a flash drive, for example, an infection that is transmitted to the computer because it can be eliminated through the program.

As this is a specific virus to exert its function in USB sticks, external hard drives and other USB storage devices, it can be installed in conjunction with other antivirus tool on your computer. There is no interference in the activities of both, since the purpose of the investigation is different.

Analyzing the device
USB sticks and external hard drives are data storage sources more reliable than the models used in the past. However, as they go through various computers, may end up infected by malware, being transformed into a source of contamination for all the machines on which they are plugged.

So it is always good to keep them clean, using an appropriate tool for the task. After installing the program, it is directly minimized to the System Tray, working quietly in the background. If you want to open the application’s interface, just click its icon with the right mouse button and select the alternative “Restore.”

That done, you can see that its interface is friendly and appears divided into tabs for easy location of their duties.

Check for virus
The media analysis can be done in the industry “Home”. Ali, after connecting the device to your computer, just select them in the list of units shown on the screen and click “Scan now”. As an alternative way for the task, you can also access the “Tools” tab and click the “Auto scan for Malware Threats.”

Then, the application immediately begins the analysis and at the end, if an infection is found, it is displayed in the program interface itself. If threats are found, the application is the removal of the item. In the “Tools” tab you can find other very interesting alternative that serves for data recovery.

If you’re having trouble with corrupted data on your USB stick, you can retrieve them via the alternative “Try to recover lost data.” This function is not always able to do a restore because it also depends on the degree of involvement of the files.

Controlling Startup
Besides the main function of the program, he has a tool that lets you to see which programs are started together with Windows, available in the “Startup” tab. There, you can identify what it is loaded with the operating system, allowing you to delete items and accelerate the process of turning the machine.

The operation of this feature is very simple, requiring only check the options you want to remove and choose the alternative “Remove”. That done, the entry in question is immediately removed.


JBM USB Virus Cleaner provides an alternative for those who frequently use USB sticks and external hard drives to store content on multiple computers. The application has a well-organized interface with all the tools offered on separate tabs for easy visual identification of the features available.

The application automatically detects the mobile units connected to the computer and just select the one you want to perform the analysis. What can be considered as a negative point of the program is that while he let the end of the check does not show any type of data on the screen to your conference.

Still, he brings a function to generate reports so you can track the activities performed by the application. An interesting feature of the program is that it also provides a tool for data recovery, allowing you to try to restore files that are in trouble.

The analysis tool startup items is also very useful, allowing you to manage which is loaded with the computer and win performance at power. But you must be careful when you go deleting items, as there are not any confirmation for the procedure – removal is immediate.

Analysis for viruses is an extremely fast process, even in the case of larger devices. It is worth saying that this varies depending on the storage space of the device and the amount of files present in it.

JBM USB Virus Cleaner Download

JBM USB Virus Cleaner Download

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