How to Open & Use the Windows 10 Snipping Tool


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Windows 10 Snipping Tool

Many times we want to share or teach our friends or family something that we have on our desk and we can’t find a way to do it. It may also be the case that we do not have a keyboard to press the “Print Screen” key. In this step by step, we will see how to use the Windows 10 snipping tool to make fully customized screenshots of the size we want just by using the mouse.

The snipping tool is an application with which we can take screenshots using the mouse. This application comes natively in Windows 10 and allows us to capture all kinds of elements on our screen, both in shape, size, and location.

Microsoft has launched this week the new version of Windows 10. Among the novelties of the October 2018 Update is a new screenshot tool called “Cut and Sketch”. This is a mixture of the option to capture the screen and the “Snipping” program, which was already pre-installed in Windows 10.

This new tool can be invoked either by looking for his name on the Cortana menu or by using the keyboard shortcut Windows + Shift + S. At the moment it coexists with “Clippings”, although Microsoft has inserted a notice within the application that says that “Clippings is going to move to a new location”, at the same time that it invites to try “the improved characteristics of Clipping and Annotation”. Let’s get to know this new function in depth.

Windows 10 Snipping Tool: How to Open Snippets

To open this application we can do it in several different ways. Although the most generic will be accessing the start menu and writing ” cuts “. In this way, our application will appear as a search result, which we can access by clicking on it

If what you want is sought among the list of the Windows application start menu can locate in the “folder Windows Accessories “

With run tool

We can also use the Windows 10 run tool to run this application. To do this we are going to press the combination of keys on our keyboard ” Windows + R ” and the tool will open.

Now we must write the ” snipping tool ” and Windows 10 cuts will open.

In any case, the result will be the opening of the application in question.

Use Windows 10 Snipping to Capture Screen

If we click on ” New ” our screen will become translucent and a pointer in the shape of scissors will appear. It is time to select the area of ​​the screen that we want to capture. If we do not want to capture anything, we will only have to press the ” Esc ” key on the keyboard to exit capture mode.

Through cuts, we can do a lot of cool things. To look at all the possibilities we have, we go to the button ” Mode ” :

  • Crop the full screen: for this, we choose the option ” Crop full screen ” and click on ” New “. Next, we click on the screen and it will appear in the program for storage.
  • Option to cut a single-window: in the same way, we choose this option and clicking again we click on the window we want.
  • Make a rectangular cut: with this option, we can select the region of the screen that we want by means of a rectangle.
  • Make a freeform cutout: With this option, we can make a freeform cutout with the mouse. For this, we follow the same procedure as in the previous options.

Capture editing options

This program, in addition to taking captures, also allows making small modifications to the captured image.

  • Pencil: with the pencil option we can paint what we want on the capture made
  • Highlighter: with this option, we can highlight elements of our capture
  • Delete: we will have a draft to eliminate the modifications that we have made in the capture

But if we want to have more options, we only have to press the rainbow drop button (far right). The image will be exported to the Paint 3D program where we can make the modifications we want.

Save a screenshot

To be able to store a screenshot, we only have to click on ” File ” and then ” Save as “. We can store the image in various formats:

  • Jpeg
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • HTML

Other programs to take screenshots

On the internet, we can also find programs like Greenshot or Lights that are free and offer interesting options for taking screenshots.

Although in our opinion, if you want to make a basic use to capture screens, the Windows 10 snipping tool is a very complete and valid option.

Did you already know how to capture your screen? What tools do you use to take screenshots? If you have any doubt or clarification, we invite you to leave it in the comments.


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