How to wrap text in Excel? Make Your Data Visible

In this post, we will see how to deal with the situation in which texts escape the limits of cells. The solutions can be many for wrap text in Excel, but there is one that for its simplicity and elegance is what we will use: Adjust text in Excel.

As we can see, once the duplication of sheets finishes. We will then see that we have all the basic structure that we need. But we will notice that in the case of the sheet “Purchases and Sales”. In cell A1 the text of this cell, due to its size of the font. Which is 26 occupies the space of the adjacent cell?

As the idea is not to change the size of the font since doing. So the difference would be too noticeable. With respect to the rest of the texts located in the same cell as the other sheets. We could think of reducing the name, and calling it “purchases” or ” sales “. So that the text fits in a single cell. But since the idea is to learn to deal with these situations. We are going to learn to do it using the tools. That Excel provides us for this purpose:” Adjust text in Excel ”

If we position ourselves in cell A1 and click on the “Home” tab, we will see that the third group is called “Alignment”. Within this group are the options that allow us to make the text receive the alignment that we want to assign it. And what is the recommended option for this case? Well, I think the best option is “Wrap text in Excel”. Why? Since our menu row, that is, Row 1, has a considerable height with respect to the other rows, it allows us to arrange the text in several lines within the cells of that row, to make it fit horizontally.

And since its extension is not so high that it occupies more vertical space, that is, that it extends downwards, the text is accommodated within the cell and although the difference is obvious (since the rest of the sheets have a single word, but this has two) the contrast is not so noticeable because we continue to use the same font and the same size.

In this way, I understand that we are solving a situation that allows us to continue working without feeling that we are giving up too much in order to make it look good.

In this way, you have learned how to adjust the text in Excel, and your query “How to wrap text in Excel?” might have been resolved.