Alcohol 120% (Windows 2000/XP/2003) Free Download

Alcohol 120% is one of the most complete programs when it comes to dealing with media. He is able to emulate disks and ISO image files, creating virtual environments without the need for new recordings. Furthermore, it provides a complete system to burn blank media.

In its new version, Alcohol 120% version features compatibility with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, has new engines read and write, improved the reporting system and also features real-time support for the optical drive. In addition, improvements in the system audio conversion and new translations were also added to the application.

Working with virtual drives
To access the contents of an image, Alcohol 120% creates a virtual drive on your computer. This drive is able to identify and access the contents of the image without saving it on a physical medium. One benefit of this process is speed: reading a CD or DVD is considerably smaller than the execution of an image file. Alcohol 120% is the only program on the market that can create up to 31 virtual drives.

Who is not really into the process of creating and using images you can use the wizards of Alcohol 120%. Already in the main program window, you see icons that guide you to easily use the software: creation wizard and image recording, copying CD / DVD image finder, manager CD / DVD wizard to format CD / DVD and assistant Xtra.

The function Xtra
With the feature Xtra (exclusive of Alcohol 120%), you can create an image with files and folders on your computer. The file has the exact same behavior from an image created from a CD or DVD.

During the installation of Alcohol 120%, is offered to install a toolbar and setting a new homepage and also a new search engine. If you do not want to apply these changes, select the “Advanced Installation” and uncheck the options displayed in the image below.

Furthermore, the installer offers yet another application, DealPly. If you do not want to install it, uncheck the marked image.

Alcohol 120% is already established as a great software that fazcopias high quality and offers several options for usuariosavancados. In summary, Alcohol is easy to use, easy to set an dis packed with functions.

Some users complain that the support of the Alcohol 120% to 64 systems-bit.Apesar have this compatibility, Alcohol does not work pleasantness platforms.

Alcohol 120% (Windows 2000/XP/2003) Free Download