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BurnAware Free is a program that lets you record data to the more varied content on CDs and DVDs

With it, you can create backups of any type of content, making backups or storing the desired media.

The application is capable of working with both disks as ISO images. Moreover, it features support for creating boot media (including the case of an image).

Guarding media
Write data to media is a situation in which we all go, even if not a task performed daily. When eventually the time comes to mount the disk, who ever needed to accomplish the task can be difficult to know how to operate one of the programs available to do the operation.
BurnAware Free Download
Many functions have confusing or difficult to find, while other applications have no certain way of writing, being unsuitable for certain cases. The BurnAware Free is a complete program for the recording media that has a clean interface and easy to use. That is, it has the quality of a complete program, but no complications during use.

Writing Data
The program operates from a central screen that divides its functions into groups for easier use. The first alternative is responsible, in a way, the main function of the program, which is to offer the possibility to write data to media. To use it, simply choose one of the options available and click the icon for it.

There, you can create a new media (DVD or Blu-ray), mount a boot disk or configure according to your needs. Regardless of the alternative selected, you are redirected to a new page on which to choose the files that will be added to the recording (remembering that the media must be previously inserted into the drive of the computer).

To choose content, you can use the “Click here to add files” or “+” button on this screen. Subsequently, to add more material, only the second alternative is available. If you insert a document by mistake, just select it on the screen and click “Remove.”

You can set the recording time and the type of disc used in gift boxes at the bottom of the screen. When everything is the way you want, just click “Save” to perform the procedure.
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Recording audio files
The second group of tools the program offers the possibility to mount a media related to audio files. The process is very similar to that explained in the previous section, it is necessary to start, choose the type of content to be saved by clicking on the appropriate icon on the screen of the program.

So just pick the files to add and set the options for performing the recording and complete the process.

Working with Images
Operations related to the images can be found in alternative “Disk Images”. Ali, you have options for recording images on disk, copying files from one media to an image, mount a new ISO or create an ISO file startup. Here, the procedures are slightly different depending on the selected tool.

However, all the processes are guided (Wizard), and explanations in each of the steps on the screen. Normally, you only need to make the kind of choices that you want to mount ISO, for example, or locate the disk where the files will be copied.

Additional Tools
In addition to the aforementioned features, the program also offers some additional tools, which can be found under “Utilities”. Through this industry, you can clean a disc (safely or fast), find the media information inserted in the recorder (and the drive itself) and verify the integrity of a CD, DVD or Blu-ray.

The options have different operating modes, but here, too, all processes are guided and explanations on the screen, so you can perform them without difficulty.

BurnAware Free Download

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