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BlazeVideo Video Editor is a video editor you used to make a number of simple changes to files of this type. It lets you apply effects based on lighting, making cutouts, adding subtitle and watermark, all very intuitive way. In addition, there is also an option for format conversion, if such adjustment is necessary.

Even if the program has a number of tools, it is extremely lightweight and does not consume lots of system resources and can be used without problems even in more modest machines. This is a test version and has a limitation to the issue of just three minutes of the output file.

Applying touches

Even if you have professional equipment and is highly competent with handling a camera, a video never came out all ready for publication. Adjustments, however small, are always needed, especially to issues such as cuts to create a final effect as expected.

Thus, there are a number of applications whose function is to help you get better results, like BlazeVideo Video Editor. With it, you can do a number of small changes to their videos without having to face the complications of a professional editor. The program features a very clean and pleasant interface with tools grouped buttons for easy location.

The first step for their use is to load the desired video to the screen, entering the “File” menu, select the alternative “Open” and locating the media machine. Made it, after a while the material is loaded and, if you wish, you can use the embedded player to play the file.

No complications

Once loaded the video you want to edit, note that beside him on the right side of the screen, the logo you see the file information, audio and video. Below are the player editing options themselves, arranged in the form of button and just one click on any of them to display their graphic options.

The “Clip” function is used to cut a video and the operation can be done by dragging the markers on the video screen, or by setting a start and end point in the available fields for the task. “Crop” serves to cut the image size by setting the desired proportions in the available fields in the interface.

“Effects” allows changing lighting conditions, such as brightness, saturation, hue and contrast. Moreover, the industry has some sets ready for effects of night, black and white, among other settings. “Subtitle” is for you to apply a caption in the text and “Watermark”, a watermark.

If you want to convert video to another format, you can choose the most suitable option to output via the “Profile” field. When you complete your changes, be sure to save the file, otherwise your work will be lost.


BlazeVideo Video Editor application provides an option for those who want to do video editing on the computer. One of the advantages of the program is the fact that it is extremely lightweight and does not consume lots of system resources, unlike what happens with some software that category, making it can be used even in more modest machines without crashing.

The application interface is extremely clean, but without sacrificing elegance, making its use very pleasant. Another interesting aspect is that the functions are arranged in the shape, which makes them easy to find. Once opened, the operation of the items usually consists of positioning a scroll bar or set the desired value in a field.

So even those who do not have much experience with such programs should be able to use it without major complications. The effects provided by the program are just referring to lighting adjustments, with no filters or different transition screens available in the application.

Another interesting aspect is that the time taken to make adjustments is small, no delays in implementation. In addition, the application supports a lot of input formats and multiple options for you to do the conversion, if desired. For all its good points, if you want an application for minor adjustments in clips certainly worth testing BlazeVideo Video Editor.

Download BlazeVideo Video Editor

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