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ErgoBreaker is an application that serves you to manage how much time remains during the working day as well as the intervals for rest removed.

Thus, you can avoid problems such as those caused by repetitive stress, determining a moment of pause in your routine.

The application works in the background and, once installed, it stays active in your work area, in the style of window “always on top”. However, after configuring it to work according to your needs, you can use the “Hide” button to cause it to be minimized.

A little rest

When we are focused, it is normal for the time pass much faster than expected, so that we can remain long in the same activity without even realizing this fact. The problem is that this may not be good for your health, since the ideal is always to make some breaks during the day, especially for those who work directly on the computer.

Thus, the goal of ErgoBreaker is to help you maintain control over your work schedule, schedule permitting some intervals during the day. Thus, you can maintain better control over how your time is spent during the day, making it possible to develop a healthier routine, especially if you want to introduce a new activity of labor exercises, for example.

The application interface is very simple and it has a good organization of the screen, making your settings should not cause doubts, even below par does not have such an affinity for this type of program.

Configuring the operating

Logo to open the program, you may notice that there are a number of fields available on the screen. Basically, all you need to do is to fill out the form the way that everything is suitable for their purposes. In “Work Time” you must indicate the time interval (in minutes) you want to stay working.

“Break time” serves to indicate you in seconds how long you want for your range. Already the “Warning Time” field indicates how many seconds before the break you should be notified. The item “Break Delay” allows you to indicate how long your break should be delayed when you use the alternative to leave it for later.

The other options are related to the colors of the screen at break time. Once everything is set as desired, simply save your changes. When the maximum time set for the job is reached, a screen covers your entire display, indicating that it is time for you to make your break.

ErgoBreaker Review

ErgoBreaker is a good program for those who frequently lose time or want to measure how the time has been spent during the day. It can be very interesting for those who want to enter a routine of labor exercises or just a break for rest between work periods, avoiding physical and emotional excessive wear.

The program interface is very beautiful, besides being extremely well organized and focused on ease of use. The program is completely ready for use, however, you must configure it to work according to their needs. However, as it has a very simple system configurations, with well identified fields, should not bring many difficulties in its operation, even for beginners.

The computer screen is completely blocked when the pause time is achieved by ensuring that you actually do the previously defined interval. Still, the app has a notification mechanism before effectively implement the functionality, allowing, if you are on an important project, the break may be postponed in a few moments.

The program is extremely lightweight and does not consume lots of system resources, not disturbing at all the activities performed on the machine.

Download ErgoBreaker

Download ErgoBreaker

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