Download FarStone VirtualDrive Pro 16 For Pc (Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8)


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FarStone VirtualDrive Pro 16 software on your computer can create up to 23 virtual CD / DVD drives, which can then use the optical disc images stored on the hard drive of your computer, or even in a networked storage. While you can use an existing CD and DVD images in standard ISO format, or such images directly in the FarStone VirtualDrive Pro 16 program create from your physical media. Benefits of using VirtualDrive Pro program are obvious: loading content from disk images in a virtual drive is much faster than reading data from a physical optical media, and in addition can speak a significantly lower likelihood of damage to the media and subsequent data loss than when handling the physical disks.

Virtualization Drives

Create virtual copies of optical media is using VirtualDrive Pro very easy. Simply insert the disc into the DVD drive of your computer and guides »Image Build Wizard« click on »Advanced Settings”. In the settings window you can then choose to primarily use hardware mechanics (»Source«) and location (»Destination«) created ISO disc image, whether on a computer hard drive, or be in a networked storage. You should also fill in the name of the disk (»Volume«) to be in his collection of virtual media literate.

Very important is the »Protection Type”, where you can choose what type of copy protection is a physical medium, loaded from DVD drive, equipped. Program VirtualDrive Pro while you handle the protections Safedisk, SecuROM and Starforce. If you do not know which type of protection used disk contains, leave the »Protection Type« preference »Use Intelligent Extraction”.
additional preferences to create a new ISO image includes an optical drive such as setting a password, without which you can not be content image in the VirtualDrive Pro program open. To use this feature, enter into rows »Password” and “Retype Password« the same password. To save space on your hard disk, you can still adjust the level of compression (»Data Compression«) on »High”, which means maximum compression, but at the same time there will be a length of time needed to create a disk image.
After adjustment, creating a disk image all save button »Save “and in the next window to check the configuration (value» Space Required «for example, shows how much disk space your computer’s CD or DVD picture angle). Then proceed with »Start«. VirtualDrive Pro program then creates an ISO image of a disc inserted in the DVD drive.

Creating More Images

The program VirtualDrive Pro, you can of course at any time create ISO images and other content of CD and DVD media. The respective functions start click on the big blue button »Create” in the upper left corner of the program window. In the next window are especially important the first two preferences that allows you to create ISO disc images from optical media (CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs) or from files stored on the hard drive of your computer.
newly created disk images are then automatically added to the library ( »Cabinet«) program VirtualDrive Pro. The library is divided into basic sections (games, movies, music, photos and software), the next you can add yourself as much as possible to create new catalogs. The corresponding functions can be found in the context menu of the right mouse button. The newly created ISO image file appears in the root folder of the library and drag it to easily drag and drop into the appropriate section.

Virtual Mechanics

After installation the program creates VirtualDrive Pro automatically a new virtual optical drive to work with the contents of ISO disc images stored on your computer. Working with a virtual drive is quite simple: just click on the disk image icon in the library VirtualDrive Pro and this image will automatically be “inserted” into the drive. Then, we work with the disk just like with the content of the physical optical media, but much faster and therefore more comfortable.
VirtualDrive Pro The program can work at the same time containing a large number of disk images. It is possible to create a total of up to 23 virtual drives, and all of them insert one of the images of optical disks. To enable additional virtual drives to open the menu »View | Number of Virtual Drive (s)” and in the next window, select the drive letter to be activated.


Library full version of VirtualDrive Pro can serve as a clear backup of your optical media. The important thing is that you can at any of these images directly from VirtualDrive Pro to burn copies of optical media. You can do this function »Burn« the main program menu.
Upon opening the default window guide burning optical media can only choose whether you want to burn the contents of an existing ISO image (which may be data, music, video etc..), or create a new CD, DVD or Blu-ray disk from data stored on the disk of your computer. This way you can burn Audio CD, for example, and music files on your computer, which will be played on desktop CD players.
might be useful and function »Clone”, which allows you to burn exact copies of the inserted CD, DVD or Blu-ray discs, or tool to delete the contents of rewritable optical media. As you can see, knows full version of VirtualDrive Pro fully replace advanced disc burning software.

Download FarStone VirtualDrive Pro 16 For Pc

Download FarStone VirtualDrive Pro 16 For Pc

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