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Power Suite from Simplitec is divided into three separate sub-programs. Simplifast speeds up computer, Simpliclean cleaning system ensures a Simplisafe cares about safety checks and updates all installed applications or software. Overall a package of services that will broad-spectrum after a few clicks accelerate, secure and clean your computer. readers Chip Pro is ready application Simplitec Power Suite, which is released in this version completely free and without registration required. The limit is, however, impossible to use all three applications simultaneously.


It seems your computer lately braked before the system starts, you manage to get a coffee, internet is incredibly slow and everything just twitching? Simplifast might be just what you are looking for. When you first start to scan the whole system. Then you are »Damage level”, which most likely will be in red color. Press the »Fix Errors« achieve quick cleanup, but if you want to see details, click “Show Details”.

Optimize startup: conceals prevent unnecessary startup programs at system startup. Often it happens that triggers unnecessary updatovací or scanning programs that only run slow.

Optimize Windows Services: The start prevention of unnecessary services. It works on the same principle as above.

Internet Tuning: If you are still using cable or DSL connection, this setting you in IE and Firefox will change the connection parameters so that the page loads faster. When the current generation of fast Wi-Fi connection and 100Mbitových but this is unnecessary gimmicks.

Defragment System Drive:  If your computer is not SSD, but elderly HDD, data is written in it randomly and often very confused. Defragmentation is a proven and reliable step in faster system configuration just those randomly scattered data into units.

High-Speed ​​Mode: If your computer is up to such a stage that it is choppy video playback, or you need a little speed up the game, this mode turns off unnecessary graphic elements of computer and squeezes maximum.


The second utility in the order deals with cleaning your system from unnecessary mess nashromážděnému in a matter of months. Pod »Show Details« can again look at the detailed view of problems being scanned.

Delete Track Files: A large number of programs (especially in conjunction with downloads from the Internet and exploring) stores temporary files. After several months may take up to a couple GB. Press the »Delete files« to delete those files.

Recycled Delete Files: Simply empty the trash.

Save Energy: The item that looks at the applications that most “zero” energy and, if not really necessary to run the system, turn it off . This extends the length of laptop running on battery, or knocks a little energy for the desktop.

Clean Registry: After an incomplete uninstall unneeded programs or other interventions in the computer system registry are usually some garbage dump and stock problems that can lead to very zasekanému operation . Surely, therefore, we recommend once in a while to clean up registry.

Registry Defrag: Like the defragmenting the hard drive, the same laws also defragment your registry. By filling empty seats, moving the individual registers in the database for suitable sites can be achieved faster system response.


The third and final utility which is dedicated to the security of your computer. By now, we do not think antivirus and firewall programs on the other, but it is a very important industry updates, drivers, digital stop or secure erase already “deleted” files. After the scan again »Show Details” and select the desired operation themselves.

Delete Digital Footprints: Clears any data that was stored when surfing the Internet. Saved passwords, temporary files, history, cash. If you have the auto logon to different services (e-mail, facebook) and afraid that it might be misused, these data certainly do not delete. For maximum safety, we recommend that you delete in the future and do not store passwords automatically.

Update Drivers: Drivers are constantly improved. Sometimes the little things, but sometimes also essential. This item see if everything is in order, or need to control your computer update.

Software Update: As with drivers and software (Outlook, Word, Firefox) it is necessary to update the rate.

Recover Deleted Files: If something of a classic Delete [Del] or even throw out the trash, from the point of view of a computer these files just assign a “zero” or say “here is off” and announce the increase in capacity of just “deleted” file.

However, this is just hidden and can often be restored. This function is used to precisely and displays all files that are going to take back again. Most often, these files deleted a short time ago, because they have not been overwritten by other files.

Shred Deleted Files: As already mentioned, delete the system using empty the Recycle Bin does not mean that the file is deleted. This item makes sure that deleted files have been truly erased by overwriting their locations random numbers.
Download Simplitec Power Suite For Windows

Download Simplitec Power Suite For Windows

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