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Tradugo is a program that aims to facilitate language users through chat rooms. The application has the task to support their understanding of messages that are in other languages.

But how does it work? You can choose various chat rooms to interact with other users. Each room holds up to 40 people who speak in five different languages: Portuguese, English, German, French and Spanish.

Unifying people

The big expensive program is that it automatically translates what people speak other languages. Every time someone talks to you and is not the same language as his, the equivalent in your language appears below that.

The Tradugo was created to unify people and make life easier for those who need to make contact with users in other countries. Through the program, you can chat with people living in different corners of the world.

Several Themes

Make friends, dating, deal, compare prices, ask questions, learn new cultures, inquire about sights or beauties of that country, discuss religion, politics discuss, study, travel and talk about whatever you want! You will learn a lot!

Choose one of several rooms available for your chat. The options are: Travel, Business, Studies, Meeting people and Free Theme. Loosen the verb and learn much

But attention: Tradugo should not be considered a translator due to their basic treatment of words, which makes it more applicable to the category of linguistic facilitator and not a translator.

Tradugo Review

Tradugo is a program that has a different concept of most applications of its kind. He has to serve as a language facilitator goal by helping you to create dialogues with people of other languages.

Ever wondered mix people from five different languages ​​in a chat room? What is the result? By doing this mix, the program aims to facilitate the learning of multiple languages ​​through conversation among several people in the same room.

For all tastes

The app offers quite varied rooms, five different themes for different objectives. You can have more serious conversations about business and studies, and conversations more fun, travel, people and free themes.

The great inexpensive application is that it is able to automatically translate what other people are saying in other languages. You can also choose just the translation or the original language only, depending on your interest. And the power of freedom is always better than having no option.

But still empty

Tradugo has a very simple interface, but clean organized. However, the program exaggerates the white visual, and simple colors. The feeling is that the layout of the application was created in Paint.

The program also has another serious problem: no one is there, for now. With empty rooms, there is no way you talk to anyone. This seriously undermines the progress of the program.

Download Tradugo For Windows

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