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Store your most used or important files in the cloud and can access them from anywhere and on any platform is already commonplace. Tresorit arrives to offer a more robust option for online storage, protecting your files and ensuring the security of data on the internet.

You can store a volume of up to 5 GB of files and share them with any number of people, keeping the contents of the documents synchronized between users.

Besides the common features of the genre tools, the developer promises Tresorit greater than competing category level of security to use an encryption system that causes the data to be accessible only to the persons indicated.

More security

Using advanced encryption systems combined with a policy of “zero knowledge”, the program ensures that your files can not be obtained even with direct access to company servers. While other services only files are encrypted on the way to the server, with Tresorit security systems protect your data while they are shared in the cloud, all the time.

To prove the high level of security, the company launched the “Hacker Challenge”. The challenge was made to experienced hackers and technology students at American top universities, inviting them to discover gaps and break into the enterprise system. With more than 450 days since its inception, no one has been able so far to collect the prize of $ 50,000 offered by Tresorit.

Storage and functionality

With 5 GB available, Tresorit offers disk space on average similar services. This quantity may be further increased in various ways. Invite a friend to use the service makes space expand by an additional 1 GB, up to a limit of ten people invited. Connect more devices to your account as tablets and smartphones, it also adds 1 GB of additional capacity.

No need of the files are in a specific folder to be recognized and sent to the server. Just drag the documents or directories you want to program window to it hosts and synchronize data in the cloud.

The Tresors, as they are called in the application folders can be shared in a few clicks, just adding the email of the person. You can adjust the level of access of the new user, which can range from a permission to read the documents until a free pass to amend or delete documents.

Another sharing option is available through the “Encrypted Links”, in which only within Tresors files can be shared across the web, without the other person having to download and install the program system, but with the same security.


By clicking on the installer, the user is informed that the program needs the Microsoft NET Framework 4.0 to run. If your computer does not have the item, Tresorit own download and install the add. The process takes a few minutes depending on your connection, and requires that the PC is restarted.

After everything installed, you need to register in Tresorit service, simply click the “SIGN UP” button the program, fill in the data and receive the confirmation email.

Tresorit Review

Storage services in the cloud are multiplying all the time, and to stand out from the rest, you need to offer some differential that makes customers going to the trouble of moving your data from anywhere. So many times, not just more disk space or a cool visual to attract audiences, then bet on competitors’ weaknesses is something essential.

Tresorit, but do not forget the basic type programs functions, offering a good amount of space in the cloud, fast transfer speed, plus a fluid and very practical system for sharing the wearer, all in a lightweight application and beautiful.

The interface has a very clean design that makes it clear where each function is located. By mousing over each Tresors, folders stored by the service, the options appear to sync, share, or even monitor the activity performed by users in the directory. The entire program is in English, but the icons and simple menus should not hamper the use of the Brazilian public.

Sharing Safely

In the program, the process of sharing your files with friends or co-workers is done very simply. Simply access the Tresor in question, click “Share” and add the email address of people who want to have access. You can even choose from three different permission levels for each user, which limit how each can interact with the data in the cloud.

To receive a service message, recipients must also register with the site Tresorit to gain access to the contents of folders. For specific documents, which need no sync at all times, the “Encrypted Links” tool offers a quick way to secure sharing, which provides a download link that can be accessed through common browsers.

Even with resources and high level of service, the asset Tresorit is security and they take it very seriously. Logo during registration at the service site, the user is warned that he should choose a strong password, giving examples of how it should be and explaining what types of characters must be present.

If you are one of those people who occasionally forgets his password, beware! Tresorit offers no service password recovery, since this could become a security hole.

The product passes Tresorit the same confidence of others like Dropbox and Google Drive , but with security concepts similar to those applied by SpiderOak . If you archive or share confidential or sensitive documents is a concern for you – or even for common use on a daily basis – it’s worth testing Tresorit. After all, with this program, you lose nothing, literally.

Download Tresorit For Windows, Android, iOS

Download Tresorit

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