Download Fotor Photo Editor For Chrome

Fotor Photo Editor is an application for Google Chrome  that allows you to edit images with a variety of tools without having to install anything on Windows. The tool works online with the Google browser, allowing you to save your work in the cloud and continue it later. You can still share the results on Facebook , Twitter , Tumblr  and others.

Basically, the app is divided into four main sections edition: “Photo edting”, where you can make edits like crop, correct, apply filters and set the color; “Photo Collage” you can make mosaics with multiple images in pre-finished moldings; “Comment” in which you can create postcards or common cards to print and give to those who want, and finally “HDR” where you can join three photos in a same or more just to get a coloring perfect.


The app has very specific tools and for a variety of purposes. On the left side are the sections that divide these tools and by clicking on them, just beside the detailed functions are appearing. In the middle is your image editing and in the right part, its gallery of photos to edit.

To use the app in European Portuguese, click “Save” in the upper right corner of the window, and select the language you want. The window should reload and ready. You can now use the tool without difficulty.


Fotor is a tool that allows you to edit pictures online through Google Chrome. The app has a plethora of features for editing, including cropping, focus, effects, filters, patterns, frames and more. This just in the editing section. It is worth noting that there’s even exclusive areas to make collages, cards and photos in HDR. Each of these areas also has a library of specific functions.

Beautiful interface

Besides the variety of functions and tools, also quite like the interface of the app. She has translated into Portuguese that, although the European version of the language helps a lot to understand the functioning of each item. Other than that, she is quite beautiful, filled with elements of transition effects, and a pleasing color scheme as well. In our tests, however, we experience moments of sluggishness and crashes while editorials our photos.

Finally, the results that the app features are great. In addition to performance, the Fotor does not lack in any aspect regarding the apps installed on the computer in the same category, the basic editors. Thus, it is worth testing.


Online Edition
Many editing tools


Can be slow

Download Fotor Photo Editor For Chrome

Download Fotor Photo Editor For Chrome