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The MuLab is a free music creation software aimed at professionals who want to create their own compositions through the comfort of your computer and save them in documents in MIDI format.

The program is completely portable and does not need to install it so that it works on your machine. Simply unzip the ZIP file in a directory and give-click the executable file “MuLabs.exe”.

It is quite a similar app with classic Fruity Loops Studio  and Sony Sound Forge Pro ; your work environment is based on the use of different audio channels, each with its own instrument or range of effects and samples. The MuLab also integrates with other products developed by MuTools and is compatible with many plugins that can be used to extend your experience with the application, further enhancing its functionalities.

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It is worth noting that the free version of MuLab is relatively limited, as the program has focused on two other advanced uses of the tool (the Extended, represented by the acronym XT, and Ultimate, represented by the acronym UL) commercial editions.

One of the limitations is, for example, four tracks per composition. Moreover, the MuLab Free allows you to use VST plugins only eight in each session (the XT version allows the use of up to 16 plugins and UL has no limit). If you want to get rid of these limitations, you must purchase a license key you want and always keep it safe in the same directory where the program was unpacked.


The MuLab is kind of difficult to be assessed by anyone program, since it is targeted to an audience very different and very specific expertise. After all, we can say that it is a good software, especially for having portable and quite light – compressed into ZIP, the app weighs just over 20 MB. Who does not want to take up space on your computer’s hard drive finally found the utility of dreams.

And do not think the weight of the miniature MuLab sacrifices his technical quality. The program is very complete, bringing a multitude of samples and instruments you play till you drop musician. With a modest and fairly uncluttered interface, the software can be considered enjoyable for both professionals and students and enthusiastic in the world of musical creation.

The limitations of the free version will not be uncomfortable if you have no claim to use the app to work on large projects. And, in the end, it is worth noting that the license MuLab Ultimate comes out much more affordable than the other programs of the same genre, offering an interesting and alluring Values. If you like creating music and are looking for new software to help you with it, it’s worth checking this one.


Very nice and uncluttered interface
Lightweight and portable
Brings a plethora of instruments and samples for you to use
Free version has mild limitations that do not hurt you


Documents for inefficient helps novice users


Download MuLab

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