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Lanshark came to facilitate sharing files between computers on a network, but without a technician for this. In just a few clicks, any folder of your computer will be available to network users.

Share files is not a trivial task, as it requires a bit of knowledge in networks and also in safety, plus a considerable amount of patience. Lanshark is very handy for this type of task, as all the hard work he gets. All it takes is you to choose which folder you want to share.

How to share files

When you run the program the first time, a configuration window will appear, in which shall be entered the data for sharing, such as: “Hostname” – name to identify the network – ” Share Path ” – folder that will be shared – and finally “Incoming Path” – sets the folder to which the files will be copied.

The program interface is well organized: a column on the left displays all connections established to share the files. Clicking on them, the contents of folders will appear. Copy the files to your computer is easy: select the files you wish to copy, press the best computer mouse button and choose “Download” . Thus, all the files are copied to the folder defined at the beginning of settings.


Lanshark is perfect for those who want to share files on a network. The ease that it offers without the need for advanced settings makes it an ideal program for users without much knowledge in networking. program presents a well organized interface, easy access to functionality, fulfilling the promised well. In addition, the user does not have to worry about firewalls or similar releases in because the software itself takes care of the settings. Pity the program has no translation into Portuguese, but this does not prevent users without knowledge of the language to enjoy the services of excellent software. A great choice for network services. Worth checking out.

Download Lanshark

Download Lanshark