Download Wise PC 1stAid For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

Wise PC 1stAid is a free software for Windows that automatically corrects common computer problems through smart process. It is a library of solutions and first aid for PCs, hence its name.

Using the program

With very simplified interface, 1stAid Wise PC is ideal for those who can not or do not want to worry about settings. All you need to do is select the type of error that is happening on your computer and click the “Repair” button. In a few moments he will repair and at the end of the process you are asked if the problem was solved.

If not, will immediately open the window of request for help, where you must enter your username, email, title, and description of the problem, and include the screenshot of the error screen. Your situation appears as post on the official forum, composed by technical support and other users that will assist – in the same way, you can also help others who are experiencing difficulties with your PC.

The above procedure should also be adopted when the bug is not in the pre-existing list of Wise PC 1stAid. In both cases, when the solution is found, you will receive notification via email.

To date, the application corrects errors as inability to open links from Outlook or other programs, failure to display icons on the desktop, difficulties to open task manager, registry editor or web pages, slowness in browsing web, etc. too much memory. But as the Wise PC 1stAid is collaborative, database solutions is ever expanding.


Hardly a program will beat Wise PC 1stAid in the item ease of use. The interface with only one window and no menu bar or tool impossible to get lost in the application. Or the user locates face the error on your computer or click on the button “ask for help”. More practical, impossible.

Moreover, the look is not the most modern. He is not even ugly, but his dark blue bar, combined with other graphics, it gives the impression old version. This is not a factor that should bother the target audience of software that actually prefers a more traditional aesthetic. So despite antiguinho, the design ends up hitting.

In tests, he corrected quickly and efficiently all the errors that were already in the database of the program. But the forum was not responsive to present solutions to new problems, which significantly limit the applicability of the software. As you might expect, the installation is very simple and the program is quite light. The consumption of system resources is negligible and everything in it works with extreme speed.

In short, it fulfills the role very well when in the “rice and beans”, but falls short in more complex bugs. With only two functions, Wise PC 1stAid is indeed a rescuer, not a specialist. Worth a download and make use of it whenever you need.

Download Wise PC 1stAid

Download Wise PC 1stAid