Malware Scene Investigator Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7


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Malware Scene Investigator is an extra for the security of your computer that will investigate the machine and identify if there is a favorable environment for infection with malware application. The application needs no installation and simply unzip the downloaded package on your PC to start using it.

This scanner uses a heuristic system has to detect the presence of suspicious files on the disks of your machine. This means that it analyzes the behavior of such data to recognize the symptoms and the changes they cause, thus assessing whether they are dangerous or not.

And all this is done within a few moments, with a full scan not taking more than 1 minute to happen. At the end of this process, you see a full report with all that was analyzed, thus facilitating their understanding of verification, which helps develop a solution.


Before placing the Malware Scene Investigator to work, make sure that your Windows account has administrator status. You can evaluate this situation in the application screen, at the base of the window that reads “Admin rights” field. If the answer is “Yes” means that you are an administrator and can run the program without any limitations.

Then, on the “Scanner” press the “Start Scan” button to get it to work. Do not take more than a few moments for the process to complete and you brought up the “Report” tab. Here is a summary of the information obtained, while in the “Detailed Log” tab is a more detailed report.

Malware Scene Investigator provides the link “Help me with the results,” which takes you to a sort of guide that will help identify the problems reported. Best of all, though, is to keep the antivirus updated and maybe even choose to use cleansers to leave the whole machine in order.


Malware Scene Investigator is an application easy to use and very practical, these being its two main characteristics. These definitions fit well to it by waiving any installation and also the agility with which the whole system is searched, offering answers shortly.

The information generated by the scan also highlighted at last give you more resources to deal with potential problems or even try to leave her a little safer work environment on PC. At worst, you will save the report to show some miscommunication, which can more accurately assist in the interpretation of what appears there.

Finally, it is worth noting that Malware Scene Investigator is quite light and works almost without consuming system resources. In addition, the program has a well-organized interface, another point that leaves not want anything and makes it even easier to be used here.


Easy to use
No installation
Interface well organized

No cons

Malware Scene Investigator Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7

Malware Scene Investigator Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7

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