Nikon ViewNX Free Download

Although the vast majority of software dedicated to working with images can recognize the RAW formats from almost all manufacturers, the program is not always the best conversion of raw data for the image.
Nikon ViewNX
To improve the quick view of the files captured with their cameras, the Nikon Nikon ViewNX lets available. Be aware of the application is just an image viewer with editing functions very basic.

Nikon ViewNX opens photos in JPG, TIFF and NEF ( RAW format from Nikon). For the first two, the program allows some minor adjustments: rotation, metadata editing etc..

Have not condensed format has options a bit more advanced, concerning the translation of RAW image: exposure compensation, white balance and various other treatments. These controls are found on the side tab Quick Adjustment and Picture Control Utility .

Nikon ViewNX 2
For those who use Nikon cameras – although not essential – Nikon ViewNX can be an interesting addition to the list of installed applications.

The speed of program loading and ease of use ensure its place as a tool for pre-editing of photographs. Through the viewer, the nikonzeiros offers a quick and simple way to choose the images that will be effectively treated and stored in your photo library.

Nikon ViewNX Free Download