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If you are a responsible and careful internet user certainly has the habit of performing regular maintenance on your PC in order to keep the system always clean and error free.

At such times, it is normal to end up calling for the use of specific software for this purpose, such as the classic CCleaner  and national PSafe Suite . Everyone knows, however, that is not fun to go through the whole process of cleaning a Windows computer.

It is necessary to do a scan, find bad sectors, expect the elimination of temporary files, wait for the bug fixes in the registry, configure the programs that start with the OS and so on. Would not it be more interesting if the software responsible for such maintenance were in a most entertaining way than they usually are?

Transforming the cleaning in a game

Thinking about that BeanOX decided to create the Bean & Clean PC, a free software for Windows system that adopts the concept of gamification in order to leave the periodic cleaning of your most dynamic than normal system.

This is a maintenance program facilitated with conventional functions (delete temporary files, optimize the hard drive and boot the OS, improve performance browsers etc..), But working with a fun system of national currencies baptized simply as “beans “(beans).

Each function of PC & Clean Bean spends a predetermined amount of beans to be performed. If you do not have coins in your account, you can not use any of the features of the software. There are two different ways to get more beans: inviting your friends to try the application or batch buying them with real money (thousand beans, for example, cost $ 1.90).

Getting Started

There is no secret to using PC Bean & Clean. When started, the program will start scanning your machine automatically for bad sectors that can be repaired and settings that can be changed in favor of computer performance.

After the software finishes its analysis, it presents problems encountered and because of “budget” amount of beans that will be spent to repair them. The results are displayed in four distinct categories:

Computer Speed: listed here are temporary files, unused applications, invalid extensions, and other types of data corruption that may affect the performance of a machine;
Disk Speed: industry in which the program analyzes the state of fragmentation of your hard drive;
Browser Startup: here you can disable some programs that start with Windows, speeding up boot ;
System Clean: where are the history of browsers, cache, files in the Recycle Bin and other expendable documents.
Note that there are two representative gauges on the state of your system: one for speed and another cleaning. Ideally, both are pointing to the green area. There is an indicator of the amount of beans that you own at the top right of the web region.


There is no denying that the idea behind the PC Bean & Clean is simply ingenious. The program uses the concept of gamification quite creatively in order to turn a routine task into a fun game.

With the system of “beans”, the developers of the software have also found a very effective way to spread your application virally (because users feel encouraged to share the program to earn coins) and receive income in a smarter way and “discrete” (by selling beans for those internet users who use the application constantly).

Overall, the PC Bean & Clean is a good program. Its interface, drawn childishly,’s cute and nothing more. It is an easy to use software, visibly geared to beginners who do not have much idea of ​​how to perform maintenance on your PC. All text and menus (except the sectors mentioned in the description above) are in Portuguese, while still making it more practical and simple application.

Still, it is worth considering whether this system beans just not affecting the idea of ​​”free software”. One day your coins will be depleted, your friends will get tired of his numerous invitations and you will be obligated to buy some units of beans to continue cleaning your PC. In a way, the PC Bean & Clean is not free, not forever.

In the end, it is a curious program, and you can check without fear of regret, but can not reach the foot of the classic CCleaner – that, yes this is completely free and always will be.

PC & Clean Bean

PC & Clean Bean Download

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