PeStudio7.60 Free Download

Who never had a problem initializing an application today cast the first stone. The famous “Critical Error” or Blue Screen of Death errors are not rare to happen.
PeStudio7.60 Free Download
This happens a lot in system files that have changed recently, usually due to installing / uninstalling any program on your computer. Thus, those who were corrupted become a threat to the system.

Learn what the program uses

PeStudio is a program capable of inspecting any application, whether 32 or 64 bits. He makes a complete analysis on the executable file and displays details about the libraries used to work for him.

When an application runs a key obsolete, it can present problems and put the system at risk. To determine whether the program is in order, a review by PeStudio and check functions, libraries and information imported / exported by the application.

In “Optional Header”, you can also check if the application has support for DEP (Data Execution Prevention) and ASLR (Address space layout randomization). These features are very important in programs that require data security, such as web browsers, as they prevent the execution of malicious code.

The vast majority of the data analyzed in PeStudio are quite technical and require some knowledge in computing. However, anyone can view the information easily, just open the program and click the “OPEN”. Finally, choose the program or shortcut to check its features.

PeStudio7.60 Free Download