Real VNC Free 5.0.6 Download

Real VNC is a program that connects the computers on your network or the internet, the desktop sharing between them.
Real VNC Free 5.0.6 Download
When connected, the program displays the screen of another computer in real time and you can control the remote machine as if you were in front of her, taking control of the mouse and keyboard.

It’s an excellent program for professionals and residential customers. Does apply to aid the organization, help a buddy with difficulty and fasten for your office computer out of your home.

The program is divided into two modules (client and server) that make the connection between the computers. You can install both or only one of the modules.

The Real VNC interface is simple and does not need to have configured their advanced options if you just want to access other computers – they serve more to restrict certain actions of the computers connected to the server. At installation time, you decide whether to add the client and server or just one of them.
Real VNC Free 5.0.6 Download 2
When you access a computer made server, you need only your IP and password established. In the first case, it is provided in the main Real VNC server on your PC. Once inserted both the necessary information, you will be connected and all actions performed with the mouse and keyboard will be interpreted exclusively on the server. Ie, it is necessary to minimize the Real VNC Viewer window to use your PC normally.

The display speed provided by the program is sufficient for you to surf the Internet, open files and perform other simple tasks. However, Real VNC does not support audio transfer, that is, you can not listen even YouTube videos. Although you can see the image of these videos, the frame rate per second is very low, slowing of movements displayed by half.

Although no avail as the media files stored on a server, you can still access documents and change them without interfering with the display rate. That is, if you change a text in Word or a friend want to teach at a distance, to do something on the internet, Real VNC is a good choice.
Real VNC Free 5.0.6 Download