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The same creator of CS, this game puts you in the middle of a war between terrorists and police explosive
Tactical Intervention Download
Tactical Intervention is another great choice of entertainment for fans of games first-person shooter.

The title was designed by the same creator of  Counter-Strike , one of the games responsible for popularizing this category. So in Tactical Intervention you can expect a lot more action and violence than this classic FPS.

In addition to control a war fighter armed to the teeth, in certain situations and game modes you can and should drive vehicles at high speed, using hostages as human shields and solicit the support of trained dogs.

The announcement of the Tactical Intervention has created great expectations among the public gamer who enjoys FPS because the title has been designed by the same creator of Counter-Strike, one of the games that helped enshrine this category. If you are included in this group, do not worry, because this game should not disappoint you.
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The graphs presented by Tactical Intervention may be considered of good quality for its genre: a game of first-person shooter multiplayer online. Undoubtedly, the look of this game is far more advanced than that of older titles, as the CS.

However, we must warn you not to expect this game textures, lighting effects and applications of physical objects, for example, similar to more elaborate games, including  Battlefield 3 or  Call of Duty: Black Ops II .

One of the major highlights of the Tactical Intervention is the realism of the audio effects employed. The sounds of gunfire, explosions, shattered glass and even groans of agony hit enemies make you feel inside the game – something essential for an enjoyable gaming experience.

The commands in this game follow the standards of most titles in the category. This means that there are several keys to be used during gambling, but that can be quickly assimilated, especially by those who have played other games of this style sometime in life.
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In addition, the commands are shown quite responsive presenting a flawless precision of movements. This fact is very important for their performance during the clashes not affected by delays that do shoot empty.

Another positive point of the Tactical Intervention is the good variety of weapons and items of protection and personalization. This causes you to have a wide range of possibilities to plot different strategies to combat – in addition to making your character unique.

The dynamism of matches and points won every confrontation also pleased us. Although the maps available are few and small, it ends up making the fights are more intense and violent. Surely, you will face a lot of bullets and blood.

In short, if you like action games and is a fan of first person shooters, can not fail to at least try everything the Tactical Intervention has to offer. The best of it is that you need not spend a penny.

Tactical Intervention Downloa

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